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Ultraback Lumbar Support

ZOOWORK Ergonomic Furniture

Ultraback Lumbar Support

$89.99 $99.99
Ultraback Lumbar Support is the only product of its kind that can provide solid support on almost every chairs, including on the spine killer, couches.​

Let Ultraback® Got YOUR BACK!

ultraback has more powerful features compared to other lumbar supports, with patented design for practicality.

Feel the Instant Improvement on Your Posture

keep your spine back to its natural curve,just right after you lean on it.

Quick and Easy Setup Steps

Helps you improve your posture within seconds!

Even Soft Sofas Need an Ultraback!

Soft sofas can be spine killers. Ultraback fills the gap, offering the support you need.

Nylon Flex®

Patented Innovative Material Unbelievably Flexible

elasticity of NylonFlex® could also provide solid support from all directions and for all postures.

Defying Car Pressure, Unbreakable!

Ultraback Can Handles Hefty Loads with Ease.

"Long Drives? Choose Ultraback. Say Goodbye to Back Discomfort, Hello to Support."

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Ultraback Lumbar Support

ZOOWORK Ergonomic Furniture

Ultraback Lumbar Support

$89.99 $99.99


Long hours of sitting during work? You need proper support.

If your office chair isn't ergonomic and you can't replace it, consider getting Ultraback! Let it provide your back with the support it deserves.


Traveling outdoors? Bring Ultraback with you! It's got your back.

Lightweight and portable, it goes wherever you do. Bid farewell to discomfort and embrace relief, especially for those with lower back pain.


why sitting on the couch should be comfortable, yet it leaves you feeling sore?

A soft sofa can often cause back pain, but having an ultraback can allow you to fully enjoy leisure time on the sofa.


Stuck with an uncomfortable chair you can't replace? Swap it out for Ultraback.

Discover the Perfect Solution for Relieving Lower Back Strain.

The Massagers Bring Ultraback to Next Level

A set of 4 massagers is available for additional purchase and be assembled on Ultraback to give extra massage to different back areas.

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Over 20 years' expertise in ergonomic

Internationally Experts Team for Professional design!

Ultraback has gathered a group of people who are professionals in different fields, Ultraback team is made up of physiotherapist, industrial designers and marketing specialists.

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